Thank you for accessing this download site. I really appreciate your proactive action. You can try the proactive time management by downloading attached sheets. It is my desire that you will try the proactive time management, control your time and succeed in your business. Everything is therefore completely free and no registration is required to download the sheets. Only request is to send me an e-mail to xyz(at)muranaka.com to say hello if you like it.

Proactive time management sheet
I prepared the proactive time management sheets for one day and three weeks that are introduced in the book. I am sure that you will have a better control of your time by using these sheet.

For One Day
- A5 Size (210mm x 148mm)

- Bible Size (171mm x 95mm)

- Mini Size (126mm x 80mm)

The above sheets need to be printed out as A4 and double face printing.
The sheets need to be cut off along dotted line.
To use in an organizer, please use any hole punch like this.

For Three Weeks
- Three weeks
Use this as it is after printing out.

- Three weeks, Excel version for organizer of A5 Size (210mm x 148mm)
To change the formet freely, the excel version is also attached. You can use this as it is after printing out as A4. You can also use this as A5 organizer after double face printing out as A4, cutting in half and making holes by hole punches like this.

About the author
Takeshi Muranaka was born and grew up in Okayama, Japan. He joined IBM Japan after college in 1996 and had been working as IT engineer and project manager mainly for clients of financial industries. He worked in London, England for 3 years and led an international project. After he came back to Japan, he was chosen as an executive assistant to support an executive who managed 8000 employees. While supporting the executive, He saw a lot of executives around him working with no hassles and dealt with matters before it became the problem. He recognized what PROACTIVE was. He showed his capability of managing projects proactively in the next project and was selected as the best project of the year out of hundreds and won the project of the year 2007. He is currently working in IBM in Shanghai, China.

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